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The church isn't a business. It's a spiritual family. Our relationships aren't defined by a contract but rather a covenant, a sacred and serious vow to love, serve, and watch out for one another as Jesus does for us. True, joyful, faithful Christianity is lived out in local church membership. 

Becoming a Member

1. Northside Essentials Class

Anyone interested in exploring membership at Northside should attend a Northside Essentials gathering. This lunch gathering will allow the pastors to explain the doctrine, culture, and vision of Northside in more detail. 

2. Pastoral Interview

After attending Northside Essentials, each applicant will be interviewed by a pastor. These interviews will cover an applicant's personal testimony of salvation through Jesus Christ and allow the applicant to ask any remaining questions about Northside. 

3. Membership Affirmation

After an applicant's pastoral interview, they will be presented to the congregation at a members' meeting. Each applicant will share their testimony with the congregation and the church will recognize them as new members. 

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